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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Updates to the Roxxy Agenda:
June 25-26: NextFest at Navy Pier www.nextfest.net
June 26: Pride Parade www.chicagopridecalendar.org
July 9: FitzGerlads/Berwyn Chicago Exotica Fest www.chicagoexotica.com
July 17: Chinatown Summerfest www.chicagoneighborhoods.cc/chicago-neighfests.html
July 23-24: Lollapalooza www.lollapalooza.com

Monday, June 06, 2005

Back by Popular Demand …
Roxxy78’s Summer of Madness:
** Denotes things we’re doing for sure

June 9: Challenger at Bottom Lounge
June 10/11: Split Lip Rayfield at Double Door and Empty Bottle respectively
June 11/12: Printer’s Row Bookfair downtown**
June 12: Motorcycle Fest, Plumber's Hall, 1340 W. Washington
Windy City Rollers, Congress Theater ($15/all ages)
June 13: Grolsch tasting/rooftop Cubs game vs. Mariners **
June 15: Oranges Band and Ted Leo at Logan Square Auditorium **
June 19: Father’s Day. Tony Bellagamba’s grad/b-day party in Huntley!
June 24: Taste of Chicago starts. Nichole’s b-day and Holly Figuroa at Uncommon Ground
June 26: Pride Parade on Halsted
July 1-5: Henry, Ill. 4th of July weekend on the ILL-ANNOY River!**
July 4: Taste ends
July 7: Aquabats and Epoxies at the Metro
July 7-10: Luau by the Lake Exotica Fest. featuring Los Straightjackets and Pontanis! www.chicagoexotica.com
July 9: Mid-Summer's Night Scream at Rockford Speedway
July 14-17: Fallon and David visit los Burkes**
July 23-24: Lollapalooza, Grant Park **
July 29-Aug. 1: Grandpa Oliver visits los Burkes **
July 30: Nicky Varley’s baptizmo**
Aug. 6-7: Market Days on Halsted
Aug. ??: Mike & Joe take on Chicago w/some help from J
Aug. 13-15: Dad’s b-day weekend: HENRY?
Aug. 19: Pretty Girls Make Graves at Bottom Lounge
Sept. 17: Wireless One Night of Thrills at Rockford Speedway

Friday, May 27, 2005

To Chad With Love.
Chad is the male equivalent of Trixie, for those NOT in the know. I'm actually a
bit ashamed that Chad and Trixie are in my vocabulary, but living in Chicago, with a large percentage of the population residing in Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, Old Town, etc., these types are ubiquitous -- and certainly homogenous in their dress code and demeanor, and that warrants labeling.

While Trixie has a super large wardrobe with fashions ranging from pedal pushers, (which, well, lots of us ladies wear regardless of class assignment), to fuzzy shawls, (again, lots of us non-Trixies are known to sport this trend, too), Chads are actually sporting a uniform this summer: plain white/off-white or white/off-white and slightly patterned (usually striped) button-up/collar shirts UNTUCKED! with basic blue jeans (usually faded blue, sometimes frayed at the bottom). Shoes include flip flops (at a Cubs game, say), sometimes loafers (for a dinner-and-drinks sorta night), often those ug lace-up oxfords w/the rubber soles that can't decide if they're gym shoes or work shoes. You know what I'm talking about.

I must say, although guys are wearing this look like a uniform, it is, at least, clean looking. Gross in that it's way overdone and to the point of fault, but clean, nonetheless. Again, I have to use the mother of slick buzz words that's been beaten into the ground when defining this look: metrosexual.

It's funny, though. Straight guys are finally taking cues from gay dudes, who are generally ahead of their time when it comes to style. I don't know if it's the Queer Eye phemom or that straight guys are coming to terms with the fact that a straight woman appreciates gay guys' knack for dressing well and having good hair, clean teeth, accessories, etc. (ooh, I'm generalizing -- get used to it!), but you know, this is a milestone. I think it's a compliment to gay guys that straight guys are copping their style and acknowledging that this society does judge others based on hair, clothes, etc. Yes, it's shallow, but if you're looking for play, learn how to be a player (or at least how to dress like one).

So Chad, you might be wearing a uniform this year, but at least it's simple and classic enough not to be gaudy or trendy.

Still, when people all start looking the same, it gets a bit freaky -- so props to the guy who takes this basic fashion plate to a new level with, say, the mustard yellow button-up, the dark, cuffed blue jeans and oxblood Doc Martins, for example. Gay guys so know that already!

Monday, May 09, 2005

I don't feel funny about being close to my family and enjoying spending time with them. I would never move out of state as long as they're around. There's nothing to move away from. They treated us well.
Nor do I feel strange that I want kids someday -- maybe a back yard for them to play in and a good school for them to learn things. I used to think the American Dream was a joke, but then I started thinking about being a kid and how much fun it was. I realized that I would like to share that experience with someone someday. I would like them to ride their bike around the block and chase down the ice cream man and go get sodas at the corner convenience store or whatever. To camp out in the back yard on a summer night. To walk around the block when they're teenagers, maybe have their first drag off of a cigarette and realize how dumb it is. To make some best friends down the street. To sing songs while they're waiting for the bus. To color the driveway with chalk ... like we did. I want my kids to have what I had and there's nothing wrong w/that.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Dear Chicago Tribune and your garbage rags RedEye and Hoy -- FUCK YOU

To whom it may concern,
I live in an poor neighborhood that is littered with all sorts of circulars, RedEyes, Hoys and other junk mail and coupons. Part of the problem is that people generally don't take care of their yards and sidewalks, so this garbage just sort of collects.

Every morning, my three-unit apartment receives several unsolicited Hoys and RedEyes. We don't read them and no matter how many times you give them to us, we will never read them. Our neighbors don't read them either, that's why they end up in the yard and on the ground. This is a major reason why our street looks like a Third World country/warzone. I would guess 90 percent of the filth that litters my street is RedEyes and Hoys. I would estimate 99 percent of our residents have no interest in your publications, so there is really no reason you should waste paper, plastic bags, time and gas to deliver them here. Instead, maybe your mammoth employer should donate some time and money to clean up that 2800-3200 blocks of Lyndale Ave.

I am moving this week, not far from my current residence, and if I receive even one unsolicited piece of your junkmail pubs, I will be contacting you again to have you remove me from your mailing list.

Kind Regards,

OK, so maybe I need to train my dog better, but dammit if you didn't
throw that tabloid rag piece of garbage over my fence every morning I
wouldn't be stuck picking up the shredded remains of your paper after
my dog eats it every morning. I let my dog Chewbaca out every morning
at 6:30 and there it is, the RedEye waiting to be eaten up and shredded
all over the place. Often times I have to run out there in my boxers
and grab your paper before the dog gets ahold of it. Sometimes your
sneaky little delivery service throws it on the side of the porch
though and I can't see it from the door. On mornings like these I spend
ten minutes of my morning cleaning up wet pieces of RedEye out of the
plants and mulch in our yard. What a great way to start a morning...
with PURE HATE! Your readership is not present at 3031 Lyndale St. It's
not even present on my block! We are mostly Puerto Rican "residents"
that don't speak a lick of English, let alone give a crap about
Jeniffer Aniston or Paris Hilton. So why throw your dirty little zine
all over our streets. So it can blow in the wind and lower the already
sinking property values of our homes? Our street looks like a
demilitarized zone thanks to papers like yours, Hoy, and Jewel Osco
coupons. If I want a Red Eye I'll head to my nearest adult bookstore
and pick up an issue of your smut-ridden pages. Keep your little rag in
Lincoln Park where the Trixies care about who won at the Oscars and how
"Boys Will Be Toys". Let some past-his-prime jock ass wipe read about
what creams to rub on his dumb metrosexual face. The only positive
thing I can say about your paper is that I LOVE the little bag it comes
in. It's just perfect for picking up dog poops. My dog hates your
paper, I hate your paper, and the 3100 block of Logan Square hates your
paper. Now where did I leave that copy of Red Streak?

Keep it real bitches.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Chicago summers. There is nothing greater, mostly because if you survive the winter, something about the glow of green grass, the hint of buds blooming on the trees and the warmth of the summer sun is just that much more beautiful. People who live in warm climates will never understand the elation of that first real spring day.

Here in Chicago weird stuff happens when the nice weather debuts: people -- sometimes prematurely -- put on the scandals, sport shorts, ditch the jacket. They usually end up blinding people along the way w/their albino-white flesh. And because Midwesterners are generally fat -- fatter during the winter hibernation months -- they also look kind of gross with each layer they shed.

More than skin-revealing clothing is the total attitude change. Summer weather brings out the best and worst in people, especially in high-traffic areas, which is like 90 percent of the city.

Example: State Street. I was walking down State and down on Dearborn, I saw a couple embracing sweetly down in an open alley -- it was a Kodak moment. I literally did a double take and wish -- like my two photography student friends -- I had a camera. It was a moment.

A block later at Randolph, there's this guy getting all up in his girl's face, literally pushing her up against Marshall Field's window with his shoulders. Again, I just gawked. She was so submissive while he was all in her face yelling.

Back at the hood, kids were screaming, laughing, pulling pranks on each other, tossing dodge balls, eating ice cream. Kids are perhaps affected the most by nice weather. Even the private school kids in their uniforms don't waste time putting on play clothes.

Then, like after sundown, there's this couple hitting and screaming at each other downstairs. They guy is belligerent. He talks a lot of shit. He yells at passers by, accusing them of nosing into his business. Everyone’s business is everyone's business when you live here.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Fashion Punk: Christian and Robin. 'Nuff said.

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